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tl-w.gif (842 bytes)tr-w.gif (841 bytes)Safety Skills

In this section of we will discuss Bicycle Safety Issues, and the general safety aspects of riding bicycles on streets and roads.  

Skills for the Road:

Road Vogue Wayne Pein's Traffic Safety Booklet.  An illustrated guide to road positioning, lane choice and "Defensive Cycling" for those new to the streets.  A good quick study guide for younger cyclists, or a refresher those just getting back into cycling.

Effective Cycling on the Web   The ShowMeTV site has some fairly well done effective cycling tips on the web in RealVideo and Windows Media format.  Perhaps not suitable for the bandwidth challenged, these videos are 1 to 5 minutes in length on a variety of common cycling situations.

Big Intersections A discussion on how various cyclists handle large urban intersections while traveling by bicycle.  Excerpted from Usenet.

Teaching Boy Scouts. An article on how to teach the Boy Scout Cycling Merit Badge course to Scouts.  Includes information on how to organize the program, what resources you may need and how to conduct the rides.  By Christopher R. Law Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 603.

Bicycle Rodeos. Often a child's first formal training for on-road cycling occurs at a "Bicycle Rodeo".  This article explains what occurs at a typical bike rodeo.  In addition it explains the limitations of the rodeo concept. By John Andersen.

Resources for Safety Training: Our growing collection of quality links to sites with training materials suitable for teaching cycling safety techniques to various age groups. Each of these is reviewed for correctness before we place it on our site.  In some cases we may not agree with every word, but the bulk of the material must be correct with no fatal flaws or it won't appear here.

Cycling Safety Quiz:  Test your cycling safety knowledge against the facts.  You might mind that you have fallen prey to the common misconceptions that plague our sport, our pastime, and our transportation.

Frank and Fred
Mentor and Novice discuss Safety Issues

Introducing Frank and FRED

Vehicular Responsibilities

Lane Position

Left Turns

Fred Gets a Good Start

Hazards of the Road

Bike-Ed 101

Fred Rides in the Pack

A little Consideration

Fred goes to the Dogs

Fred's gets Chilly

Fred Feels the COLD

Brightening Fred's World

Fred Learns about Trails

Fred Learns the Lights

Fred Needs a Tune-up

The Gift of Safety



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Bicycle Safety is poorly understood by the general bicycle riding public.  

Yet many of those same people have drivers licenses.

There is a great disconnect in the adult mind between getting into a motor vehicle and getting on a bicycle.

There shouldn't be.

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