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Commuting And Errands
Practical Cycling

The core of our philosophy is that you can use your bike for everyday transportation.

Commuting to work, the run to the store, visiting friends, returning that movie you rented last night or going to the theater tonight.  All of these trips are more enjoyable on a bike and probably safer too.

Vehicular Cycling

A gentle introduction to Vehicular Cycling. This article serves as an primer for those new to (or scared to death of) riding in traffic.  It's easier and much safer than you think.
Politics and Pedaling Chris Smith cycled from England to China, and offers some sage advice to Peddlers and Politicians.

Winter Cycling

Winter is no time to put the bike away.  It's an all weather vehicle, and cycling on snow and ice is both enjoyable and a good way to get around in the winter.
Summer Cycling Hot HOT HOT weather doesn't mean you have to drive, you can commute in very hot weather and end up liking it.
Ouch! My Butt Hurts The bane of the biker, the sore butt is discussed in this comprehensive article which explains what you can do to get back on the bike.

The Joy of Fenders

The quest for "cool" often sacrifices utility, and means you use your bike less. Simple and inexpensive accessories open whole new worlds of cycling opportunities.
Bicycle Commuter's Guide For those just getting started in Bicycle Commuting this guide presents the basics points that other commuters have learned over the years.  You can shorten your learning curve and increase your enjoyment with this quick study.

Is it Possible to Commute to Work?

And excerpted discussion from Usenet Rec.Bicycles.Misc.   A doubtful ex-biker questions the practicality of riding a bike to work and is answered by several who have been doing it for years.

Ride Your Bicycle to Work

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette published this excellent guide to getting started in bicycle commuting. (Off site link)
One Man's Commute A detailed account of a bike commuters ride in an urban environment. The ever-present temptation to make good time gets the blood flowing, and when the conditions are just right....

Commuting is Rewarding 

A personal account of the many pleasures of bicycle commuting.

Practicality of Bicycling

If given half a chance, most people would find that using a bicycle is a lot more practical than they think.

The Wrong Bike for the Right Reason

Criticising someone elses bike is seldom productive. Any bike may serve as a means to an end.


Bike design is not limited to the traditional diamond frame so common the world over.  Recumbent Bicycles challange the notion of what a bicycle is, and how it should look.

The Inventive Cyclist

Mother is the necessity of invention, or something like that.  These cyclists invent new ways to enjoy your bike, by taking it to new places and carrying things you thought not possible.


Lame Excuses
How to get over those mental hurdles that keep you from bicycling

I haven't got time to go by bike

I have to dress for the Public




Lame Excuses

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Download the Utah Bicycle Commuter's Guide 


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